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  Liquid Glass Breakthrough

Spray-on Glass

Would you like to be able to spray a thin layer of liquid glass onto your clothing, skin, car or any surface to keep water and bacteria out; and also make the surface impermeable to paint or stains? I can think of a thousand things to spray it on because this breakthrough from Nanopool®, a German company, is also very affordable.

How does it work?

Molecules of silicon dioxide (SiO2), the primary ...

  Back in Oz

Back in Oz

Thank you all for being such a great audience; and making the effort to come all the way to Sri Hartamas for the clinic. It saved me a lot of time especially when rushing to get things done before leaving for Melbourne. Above are the photos we took at the clinic. I believe you have received the whiteboard notes: if you need any clarification on what I wrote please send me an email.

I have been using AirAsia as ...

  What's in a Name When it is Half as Old?

Not old enough by half!

This is a billboard of a car battery brand called Century. I suppose it was named Century to mean long lasting both in battery life and perhaps a wish for 100-year brand life. Translation is in slide2.

What does the consumer think of a brand that says it's a 'Century' when it is only 50 years old? Don't think the brand manager ever made the connection. I suppose if a brand is still healthy after 50 years the...

  The Wireless Future of Medicine

Bleeding or Leading Edge?

The video is an edited presentation from TED on: "The wireless future of medicine" by Eric Topol (full length video at Exciting stuff!

In 1996 I was leading a technology change team at Fosters Group and one of the exciting things that persuaded the board to invest in better information infrastructure was a video that showed the future of data, voice and video convergence: this video showed the possibi...

  Out of Luck: Episode 1

Built it; but no one bought.

Building solutions looking for problems are one of my passions. There is a spectrum on which you can launch products: from those that have no regards to demand to those that are consumer prescribed. I have 2 completed projects that that are ‘out of luck’: I have built them but have no revenue. There had been heaps of work done and money spent. Here is the first of the two:

Create A Radio


  What Selling Can Teach You About Marketing

Retailing is an unforgiving business: it’s all buying right and selling fast

Teddy bears. As a gift you can’t go too far wrong. My daughter now 19 still keeps dozens of teddies she had as a child. She fondly remembers the name of each one of them no matter how large or small and who gave it to her. It didn’t matter if she gets another teddy as a gift – she shows the same excitement and appreciation. To any kid it’s family.


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